Christopher Best is an American artist,  painting mostly outdoors or in "Plein-Air."  He finds the moods of nature seen through the quality of light to be his main inspiration. Often painting the same scene many times in order to obtain a window into a specific feeling. While participating in a study program at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, he was exposed to the works of American artist George Bellows. "I admire the sophisticated and yet gutsy and gritty way Bellows portrayed American life at the time." 

Upon returning to Maryland after studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he had the opportunity to study with established artist Tim Bell. "Tim got me painting outside, and for that I am forever grateful." Best also studied figure drawing and painting with Robert Liberace at the Art League of Alexandria.  Since then he has been influenced by the works of Swedish Illustrator John Bauer. "Bauer weaves fairytale and reality together so convincingly I can't help but feel the image itself is a small part of what is actually being portrayed." Best is fascinated by the way artists choose to portray life in their particular culture. He lives in Crownsville MD. 

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Painting Palo Duro Canyon
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